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Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy, Part 1


Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy, Part 2

I saw an amazing photo on Bing wallpaper and thought why not try to fly there and see how it is experienced in MSFS Flight Sim?

Here are similar photos:

© Pixabay

© Pixabay

It will be interesting to compare Google Earth to Flight Simulator.

Map data © Google and Maxar Technologies, Landsat / Copernicus, CNES / Airbus, GeoBasis-DE/BKG

How to get there?

Although GPS is everywhere today, I learned how to fly in the late 1970s in a Cessna 150, without GPS:

© Creative Commons

But we did have radios! The VHF omni-range system, called VOR stations, broadcast radio signals that you could use to obtain the direction and sometimes the distance from the aircraft to the station. So I plotted triangulation radials from the nearest VOR stations: Venice, Italy and Klagenfurt, Austria. They are marked with compass roses on the chart:

US Federal Aviation Administration Aeronautical Information Services

The distance is about 100 miles from the stations, but VOR range is limited to about 30 miles, and with the mountains I don't think the line-of-sight radio signal would actually reach the aircraft. Plotting the triangulation was interesting but not going to be really useful. I would have to use GPS and fly through the valleys.

So, how to pinpoint the destination location on an actual VFR chart? No drivable road goes there. For Europe I could not find a web site that lets you input GPS coordinates or that integrates road maps with VFR aviation charts showing terrain. I also think that navigating by little winding roads in mountain valleys might be tricky. In the USA I did find this site: As you flip between different map types it keeps your view georegistered. But not for Europe.

On the digital VFR chart I found three lakes to help pinpoint exactly where the Tre Cime destination was. + marks the spot!

We can get the GPS coordinates, as decimal lat-long from Google Maps

Map data © Google 2020

Map data © Google 2020

Finally, I made a flight plan in the simulator, departing from Venice, Italy and ending at in Klagenfurt, Austria.

© 2020 Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Flight Simulator product screen shot reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

I'm really wondering if I'll be able to find this place or just get lost in the unfamiliar mountains.

End of part 1

Let's Go Fly!

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